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How to adopt a child in Russia


     If you want to a adopt a child in Russia you have to ask a state organ (the Ministry of Education and Science) about a child`s information or an organization for the adoption of children. You have to identify yourself and give a letter about your desire to adopt a child and ask about a child which you would like to adopt (the gender, age,  health status etc.). You can`t go to a children`s house directly.

     After you will get a child`s paper you can meet him (her), make a contact with him (her). You will need to collect papers and establish an adoption in court. After all you will need to report to guardianship and custody bodies. 




What we offer:


- lawyer`s help since the first step (we can negotiate with call center operator, with guardianship and custody bodies, with representatives of an orphanage);

- collect documents for adoption;

- legal advices on legal issues;

- representation in courts; 

- service in all regions of Russia;

- legal support after you took a child (in dealing with guardianship and custody bodies).

The price for our servises: for all (since we applied to guardianship and custody bodies till you took a child with you) - 200 000 rubles (2991,94 USA dollars/2615,25 euro).

We know laws, we have an experience, we know English and we want to help you to become adoptive parents!


Have a question? 

You can contact us by email shipunova05@bk.ru, by phone +7-916-288-86-65 (what`s up and viber).